Tax Information

Uniform tax deduction application process - see more here
Ray White uniforms are registered with AusIndustry under the category of ‘non-compulsory work uniforms’. However in order to make a successful claim an individual must purchase a lower garment and upper garment ‘set’ in which all items feature the logo, which means any shirt and chino pants for men, and any skirt and blouse for women or a fitted dress. Once an individual has purchased a lower and upper garment with a logo, all further items with the logo are tax deductible (ie. ties, jackets, scarves etc. are all tax deductible once an individual has purchased an approved lower and upper garment.)  (Note: A suit jacket does not count as an upper garment on its own, a shirt/blouse with a logo must be purchased.)

For men
A lower garment (navy chino with logo, taupe chino with logo, cream chino with logo) AND an upper garment (ie. white shirt with logo, checked shirt with logo, lemon shirt with logo).

For women
- A lower garment (navy skirt) AND An upper garment (white shirt with logo, navy blouse with logo, white blouse with logo)
- Upper and lower garment (navy fitted dress).

To be able to access this tax deduction, follow the steps below:

1. Have your office principal fill out page 6 of this declaration form, allowing your office to be able to make a tax deduction claim on the uniform (use registration number CW75068) .
2. Send this form to
3. Once you’ve purchased one of the approved upper and lower garments, any further items purchased which feature a Ray White logo are eligible for a tax deduction.

4. You may also be able to claim for the cleaning of your uniform however you must have written evidence for your laundry and dry-cleaning expenses if:
- in the case of laundry expenses, the amount of your claim is greater than $150, and
- your total claim for work-related expenses exceeds $300. The $300 does not include car and meal allowance, award transport payments allowance and travel allowance expenses.

For information on how to submit your tax return click here.